We're painting the North pink!

It's not all grit, pies and rain up north, there are some fantastic little village and hidden gems we've discovered that we think would be awesome for an amazing vintage style hen party! If, like us, you're not into the whole strippers and sashes thing, we've got some creatively crafty workshops to do all served with a splendiferous vintage afternoon tea!

Our fav place to be at the mo is Ormskirk. With it's clock tower and quaint little cafes, it gives us a little something different than a night out in a big city.

If you're looking for an unusual hen party in a great spot, a ladies day in some luscious locations or a party in a pretty picturesque place, we can help. We run our craft themed hen parties in the beautiful places we love around the UK. Simply check out our locations and have a look at what we have to offer, then just get in touch to make a booking. Easy peazy lemon squeezy!

Stay fabulous peeps and look out for a splash of pink near you!


Pink Wellies