Hen Party TV Show

A bit of a different blog post this week - a production company have been in touch to ask if we have any hen parties in Devon or London who would be interested in capturing their fun on camera & featuring in a big new TV series for a major channel.  Here's what they've said:

"We are looking for Hens celebrating in a variety of ways. Some we are talking to are going to adventure centres for climbing activities, others are renting cottages in the Lakes, some are simply reuniting with old friends over a spa weekend and a night out at the pub. Of course, there will also be drinking, dancing and some of the more outrageous activities commonly associated with helping the bride-to-be celebrate her upcoming wedding! That said, these activities are not our only, or necessarily, central focus. Across the series we will be telling stories with emotion and heart, learning about their attitudes to marriage, love and friendship. We want to find out what the wedding means to all concerned and what the future holds.

For example, We are currently planning to feature a group of friends who are saying goodbye to the bride, their childhood friend - who is emigrating to Australia to get married. We are following another woman who moved away from her friends to have a baby and settle down with her husband-to-be."

So if you'd like your hen party to feature in this new TV show, get in touch with them today & be sure to let them know you came from Pink Welly Events!

Email hens@truenorth.tv or phone 01133 945 476 for more info!

If you have yet to book your hen party, be sure to check out our hen activity pages for a whole heap of fun hen activities in Devon and London which you could book. Have a look through our activity pages & simply get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more!