Are Mums the Hardest Rockers?

Last week I wrote about inviting your Mum on your hen party, and it got me to think how hard mums can party. As a very new mum myself, I cannot wait for my Bessie mate’s hen party this year. Although still a few months away, it will be my first partying weekend away after stopping breast feeding and I am already salivating at the thought of bubbly. Yes I love my new baby, but I also really like to party. As a parent the chances to party have become much fewer, and I have to ensure I make the most of the chance to let loose (must not simply relish in a whole weekend of uninterrupted sleep!).

Me and my newborn - will I be happy to leave him for a hen do?

Me and my newborn - will I be happy to leave him for a hen do?

Perhaps as the time gets nearer I will not want to leave the baby and will actually dread the weekend away. A close mum friend told me that she’d cried the whole way to the airport when leaving for a foreign hen party, but once she’d knocked back a gin (or three) she began to relax. It turned out she was the one most up for a party, and joked how she then cried when leaving to return to normality! When I ask my other Mum friends about how they cope on hen dos, they agreed that they relish the opportunity to kick back and boogie. Singletons can party anytime they like, but us mummas are ready to embrace the entertainment and enjoy the hen party like never before.

So if you’re booking a hen party this summer and are unsure of whether your mum friends will be able to handle it, think again. Rest assured that us mums will be at the front of the queue, ready to jump on the party wagon and get down and dirty with the best of them!

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