To fly or not to fly...

In these trying times of economic downturn (urgh, I do not like that phrase!), are the days of flying abroad for a hen party obsolete?  Is it too much to expect your gaggle of gals to board a budget airplane & strut their stuff on a hot beach in your honour, or do you think that is the only way it should be done?

One side of me mourns the decline of full tempo Ibiza rocking hen parties - as people age & there are more ties with families & commitments, surely a raucous weekend of debauchery is a welcome escape.  Or, if that weekend is one of five hen parties happening that year, perhaps the expectation to splurge all your holiday days & funds is too much?

Coleen Rooney & her mates let rip on their Ibiza hen party

Coleen Rooney & her mates let rip on their Ibiza hen party

I guess the only thing a Bride to Be can do is decide A) what she'd like to do, and, B) whether her hens would be up for it. If hers is the only wedding of the year & she has suspicions that her buddies would love to let rip on another island in European sunshine (see above snap!) then I'd say suss out your gals & go for it.  Unfortunately it is more likely that people are on a budget & it would be better for all involved if you planned an unusual hen party in the UK.

That is not to say that a UK hen party has to be boring or less raucous than a trip abroad. There are now more & more ideas for alternative hen parties in London available, & the big smoke has the clubs to hold up some fantastic nights out if that's what takes your fancy. From craft workshops for hen parties, dance classes for hen parties, hat making workshops, vintage themed hen parties, picnics in the park & more, there are a whole array of days which can be planned to entertain even the fussiest of bride to be.

So if you're feeling down about having to scale back your hen party, I say do not despair. Have a look through our alternative hen party ideas for classy hen parties in London and Devon, and get in touch to enquire about making a booking.