Bride Interview

In all areas of life it's great to deem advice from other people's experiences, and this is particularly true when it comes to weddings. Of course you must hold onto your own ideas and dreams, but when you are embarking on something you've never done before it makes sense to chat to others who have.

And that's where we come in handy. We will be posting interviews with brides and bridesmaids, so you can draw on their words of wisdom. Here's our first interview from Bride Jo M, who had a spiffingly good time sauntering around Soho on her hen do in her best frock with a gaggle of her bessie gals. She shares her story...

Jo M enjoying her London hen party - very cute!

Jo M enjoying her London hen party - very cute!

You seemed to have been spared the whole hen sash thing on your hen party - were you relieved about that?
In a way, yes - had mentioned to my bridesmaids that it would be good to stay away from the tackier hen do style - but actually would have embraced it anyway.  Probably something to do with not wanting to be centre of attention (even though in reality, that's exactly what hen do's are about!) 

Would you have liked to be in fancy dress?
Would have been really happy either way - although preferably if everyone else was dressed up too, if there was a theme in mind etc. 

Did you enjoy having your Mum and Mother in Law present?  Do you think their presence effects the hen party and if so how?
Yes, I loved this.   I really wanted certain family members to be there, and it's a great chance for mother in laws to meet friends and family.  I guess it would depend on the kind of hen do, but I don't think their presence made any difference and they both got stuck in. It was also nice for them to spend time together too.

What was your favourite part of your hen do?
Looking round and seeing a lot of my favourite girls in one place - this was amazing, also loved dancing on the tables at the Bavarian Beerhouse - brilliant memories and bad bruises.  This is what hen do's are all about!

Why do you think London worked as a good location for your hen party?
London works well as there's so much variety, and it's easy to get around from one bit of the day to the next.  London also worked well in my case as the location meant so many people could come into town, even if just for parts of the day. 

Would you recommend cocktail making on your hen do? Why?
 I thought the cocktail making worked really well as it didn't feel too prescribed an activity, but allowed the girls to mingle and chat.  Great to have a competitive edge too, and allowed everyone to get stuck in.  I thought it was a great way to spend a couple of hours and it wasn't as cheesy as I had initially thought it might be.   

Would you recommend the Bavarian Beer Bar? Why?
Loved the Bavarian Beer house - good for everyone to chat and dance and drink all in one place (in clubs people tend to spread out)  and it was perfect low key atmosphere too - although I was surprised how raucous it was by the end.  Such fun.

Would you change anything about your hen party?  Were there any activities you would have preferred to do?
No, wouldn't have changed a thing - I thought my bridesmaids did a great job and organised a perfect hen do.  Probably would have got slightly less drunk, but I think every hen would probably say that...! 

Do you think your guests enjoyed the fact the hen party was not a whole weekend commitment?
Yes I think so.  With so many weddings and hens this summer all my girlfriends getting married (except one) decided to do just day events and a night out.  With it being in London it also meant people could go home, which kept the cost down for everyone too, not having to book hotels.  One thing I've noticed from chatting to friends, and from personal experience, is that money can often be a bit of an issue with hen do's, so having a flexible day that people can dip in and out of I think works brilliantly.

Did you specify anything you wanted to be included (or not) to your maid of honour?
Only specifications were - London based ideally, one day and one night, nothing involving too much lycra (and no massive light up willy headware!!)

A big thank you to Jo for taking the time to answer those questions. We agree that an afternoon and evening hen party in London is a great hen party idea when needing to cater to cost concerns & varying availability of your pals. If you're looking for craft hen party ideas in London and alternative London hen parties, then check out all the activities & packages we can run for you.  Simply get in touch today to enquire.