Baby Shower Activities

As a pregnant lady due to pop in 2 weeks (eek!), I have been asked whether I'd consider having a Baby Shower. Now I am not a fan of cheesy / frilly / pastel shades of lace and that is immediately what I think of when confronted with the idea. It's an American tradition which is beginning to infiltrate our culture and I had been quite against it. 

Jessica Simpson at her very American looking Baby Shower
Jessica Simpson at her very American looking Baby Shower

But I am blimmin' pleased to report that, despite it being an American tradition, us Brits have managed to stamp our own less 'fluffy' identity on it. The events tend to be sophisticated affairs which include lots of tea drinking & cake nibbling with your closest gal mates. Who wouldn't want to do that?! 

If you're not the sort of person who likes to receive endless gifts, you can invite your friends along to a Baby Shower craft afternoon where you create something for the imminent arrival. For example you could make it a pottery item, embroider a baby grow or decorate a bib. You get to hang out with your mates whilst also creating a personalised item you'll treasure forever. Many events also include afternoon tea so don't worry, there'll still be cake for all!

If you are interested in booking a craft activity for a baby shower or baby shower event in London or Devon, check out our Baby Shower activity pages. I promise there will be minimal frills & maximum fun!