Wedding Pets

Pets at weddings. It's a sore point. For most, the thought of having your dog/cat/rabbit at your wedding party is tantamount to seating your Mother in Law at the back of the room. It simply can't be done, no matter how much you would like it.

But I'm here to say, why not? Our Labradoodle Murphy is an untrained scruff ball who gets very excited to see people. He doesn't have any hold ups about wanting to kiss everyone and anyone. Preferably on the lips. Preferably when they are in their best dress. People told us it was a risk to have him at our wedding but we'd told him he would be our ring bearer - we couldn't break the promise.

Me, Hubby & Murphy on our wedding day

Me, Hubby & Murphy on our wedding day

And it was a great decision. He was on best behaviour & did his job of running down the aisle with rings attached to his collar to perfection. No matter what our guests thought about the presence of a dog, they couldn't deny that he lightened the mood & set the tone for the laid back atmosphere we wanted. Granted, he was sent home to a sitter before dinner, but as a large part of our family I'm glad he was there for the ceremony & reception.

So if you're toying with the idea of having your pet at your wedding, I would say go for it. Stick to your guns & get the wedding you want. If Aunt Mildred gets a little wee on her Manolos then oh well. There are more shoes, but there won't be more wedding days.

If you're the type of bride who would love to have her pet at her wedding then you'll probably like our laid back hen party events & activities. Check out our hen party pages for more info & don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like advice on how to have a pet at your wedding!