To elope or not to elope...

There were times, in the lead up to my wedding, when I wondered why in God's name hadn't I just thrown all the cash into a friggin amazing holiday for me and my beau.  We could have topped it off with a secret and simple wedding ceremony.  It could have been elegant, warm, relaxed & stress free...

Fabby Agy had the same idea, but she and her partner followed through & tied the knot in secret.

Agnes Deyn Wedding

Yes, she may have had a beautifully relaxed day away from the stress of publicity and whether or not to invite long lost Great Auntie Mildred, but the world has been deprived of oggling over what undoubtedly would have been a blimmin gorgeous dress.

I know my friends & family would have tried to have been happy for me had I sacked up and eloped, but ultimately they would have felt deprived of a celebration.  I was amazed at how much love & well wishers came out of the woodwork when I got hitched, & it filled so many people with joy to see me and my hubby tying the knot.  Yes the wedding should be about the two people standing centre stage, but it should also be about wanting to celebrate with your loved ones.  I imagine eloping would save bucket loads of stress and money, but it does limit the people you can share the memories with.  I love it that my friends and family can still share stories about the wedding party, the outfits, the hook ups... Our wedding was about us, but it was also about bringing two families together who want to cheers you on your way & have a good ol' knees up in the process.

I guess my point is that if you are considering eloping, do so carefully.  You'll only get the day once so think about who you want to share it with & what it would mean to everyone else if they got to share it with you.  I'm sure Agy faced many more considerations than the average bride, but I still hope she got a damn good videographer so she can giggle over the day with her mates long after its passed.