Bubbly bubbly

Ah bubbles.  Every celebration needs them.  Or is that just me?  Personally, I think a glass of bubbles instantly sets the tone for the night ahead.  They say 'get excited, because it's time to get your giggles on'!

Champagne Hen Party

Even people who don't like to drink their body weight in alcohol pops tend to enjoy a glass of the amber delight.  It feels like a sophisticated treat to be supping from a flute, and you can instantly feel your spirits lifting.

So whether it's a cheeky glass of mid week prosecco (just me?), or a celebratory magnum of champagne, make sure your hen party starts with the good stuff.  Nervous gals barriers will be dropped and smiles will be raised along with the toasts, trust me.  

And if it doesn't go down well, send me the leftovers! 

Booking a hen party in a manor house or self catered cottage is a great idea for a hen party in Devon, & it means you can buy loads of bubbly to drink without forking out corkage costs! Have a look at Devon hen party packages we run where you could book a self catered cottage,