Do our Mikes really have the magic?

It's official - I need to get out more.  When I look at this image I am reduced to a quivering mess, swooning like a horny teen on too much Red Bull.  Two words come to mind: yes and please.  I mean, how can you not?

This image makes me want to organise a girls night out to a male strip show.  Immediately.  Screw work, let's go right now.

Magic Mike Hen Party

But is this really what I'll be confronted with?  I know the story is based on the real life of Channing-totally-foxy-Tatum, but surely he's a rarity?  Unfortunately I cringe at the predictability of a strip show on a hen do - the idea of being thrown into a thrashing pit with countless other screaming hens makes me physically recoil.  For me, a strip club conjures images of badly inked sagging biceps and stubbly stomachs adorning a man who is a bit, how should I say, missed his calling in life...  

Tattoo Man

But maybe I'm wrong.  The release of Magic Mike has made me think that perhaps it's time I swallowed my snobbery and got on board with the willy dance.  Who knows, maybe Channing will be making a special appearance...

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