Bridesmaid Interview

In all areas of life it's great to deem advice from other people's experiences, and this is particularly true when it comes to weddings. Of course you must hold onto your own ideas and dreams, but when you are embarking on something you've never done before it makes sense to chat to others who have.

And that's where we come in handy. We will be posting interviews with brides and bridesmaids, so you can draw on their words of wisdom. Here's our first interview with the lovely Hilary O, who was maid of Honour for her bestie Bella earlier this summer. We hope you find some ideas & tips of use - we love the knickers & Polaroid idea!

Glamping Hen Party

How long was the hen party for Bella?
Two nights - Friday eve until Sunday afternoon

Where did you go?
A glamping site in Sussex

How would you rate that location as a hen party destination?
Perfect - if you like the country side. Also not too far from London. The site warns about making too much noise/disturbance after dark but we didn't have any problems.

As the organiser of the hen party, what were your key considerations when deciding where to go?
What the bride likes doing
Distance from London

What activities did you do on the hen do? 
Tandem cycle ride
Cooking round the campfire
Drinking games
Dressing up and Polaroid photos
Sunday lunch
(We were going to go rowing on the river and have a picnic on the Sunday but it was raining so we went to a really lovely pub instead)

Why did you choose those activities?
The bride likes outdoor stuff
Funny and personal

Which activity did you like the most?
Tandem bike ride

Would you change anything about your hen party?  Were there any activities you would have preferred to do?
I do wish we'd done something that involved pampering in some way but it was difficult to combine with the camping. It would have been fun to all have our nails done together somewhere. Also we had planned to go out on the Saturday night and it would have been nice to get dressed up but everyone was having too much fun at the campsite so we were flexible about this.

Did you have any hen paraphernalia (such as sashes/willy straws) on the hen do and if so, do you think they added to the hen party atmosphere?
Bella wore a tiara and a set of fairy wings all weekend. We also filled a Disney princess piñata with willy sweets, willy lipsticks, willy shaped plastic rings etc. It went down well!

Did you do fancy dress?  If so, what?
Each hen gave the bride a pair of comedy knickers. She had to guess which pair was from who and had to drink a shot if she got it wrong. We each posed with her (in the knickers we gave her) for a Polaroid photo which we then put in a little album and wrote a message as a keepsake for the weekend.

Did the hen’s Mum and/or Mother in Law attend the hen party? 

What was the highlight of the hen do for you?
Actually the Sunday lunch was amazing - that was luck though. Leaving things flexible can be a risk I guess as then you wander round aimlessly with no one deciding what to do.

A big thank you to Hilary for taking the time to answer those questions. If you're looking for hen party ideas in London, then check out all the activities & packages we can run for you.