Say Thank You

Ah Christmas. I am a sucker for it. The lights, log fires, mulled wine & extended merriment... I love it all. My favourite part is the way it brings people together to celebrate, drink, eat and party. For me, these are the same aspects which make a great wedding. You don't need expensive decor or a posh venue, you just need a group of family & friends happily celebrating. Champagne supping, joyful giving, canapé nibbling, dressing up in your 'best' (as Nan would say), puts everyone on good form.


I will be smiling this Xmas through a no doubt over indulged rosy cheek, grateful to have so many loved ones around. And that's what I'd recommend remembering to all Brides to Be. It's not worth getting stressed over the detail. What will be will be on the day. You're no doubt having a wedding with guests so that your loved ones are part of your celebration. So relax & celebrate with them.

I'll conclude with a Richard Curtis type reminder to be thankful for the people you'll be celebrating with this year. Even if they steal the last chocolate covered biscuit. Relax, give love & say thank you. Because if you can't say it at Christmas, when can you?