Have a Creative Crimbo

We’ll all about the DIY parties here at Pink Welly Events and when it comes to Crimbo, we’re in homemade heaven. Whether it’s a home baked mince pie, a crepe paper chain or a creative mulled cider, we believe Christmas can be fabulously festive without the frightening fortune. 

If you too would like to get hand making this holiday season, then let us guide you to the queen of the home, Martha Stewart. There are some ruddy amazing tips for getting snappy with the scissors – a great one for beginners is her Guide on Making Snowflakes.


So resist the temptation of letting John Lewis simply solve your Christmas in every way possible and get into the DIY this year. If all goes wrong you can always say it was a gift from your niece / elderly neighbour / creatively challenged husband…!

If crafts are your thing & you'd like to do more of it 2013, check out activities pages for craft workshops which we offer in London and Devon.