We are an event management company who organise spiffingly good activities for hen parties, birthdays, team building, baby showers and more.  We only use local, independent suppliers so we can support our wee country men and women.  Our activities are booked with the most loveliest of jubliest suppliers who care about what they're doing, often because it's their very own baby.  We put our balls on the line to get folk doing what we love doing.  We have local knowledge and we want to share it.  Or we will, with a bribe.  FYI, we like jelly babies ;)


We are super organised, multi tasking, job juggling extraordinaires, and we put those skills to good use. We take the hassle out of booking events - we hussle for the wonga from your group members, hunt for the most fabulous activities, and put in the research to ensure our customers are booking something they’re gonna blimmin’ well love.

Our aim is to give customers a chance to experience local activities provided by independent suppliers in cities and towns across the UK.  We will provide local insider knowledge, thus giving them a chance to support the wee townsman and avoid the conglomerates.

Our head office is in picturesque North Devon where we can be found rollicking around in our wellies ... or something like that.  Our aim is to run events across the UK in all the most glorious parts, in the hope of showing peeps how ruddy bootiful UK land really is.

Pink Welly Events is the brain child of Jo Lobato, who leads a small team of jolly lovely pink welly wearing peeps (if we do say so ourselves) who rally around to make your event blimmin' brilliant.